If you have been brought here via a link on Social Media, it is because the individual who shared this link believes you in fact are a "Fake Ass Nigga". Please read the exerpt below to understand fully what this means.

Though the word "nigga" in its truest context implies a racial slur towards African Amercan decent, this is not meant to be racist in it's intent. The term "Fake Ass Nigga" does not single out any race, color or creed. To be a "Fake Ass Nigga" simply means that by and large, you are a soft ass, bitch ass clown.

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If you have done any, several or all of the above listed, you must follow the steps below.

Disclaimer: If you feel you have been sent here in error or that you are wrongfully being accused, you may be the victim of a "hater". In the event this is the case, you must publically denounce them with actual evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to disprove their claim.

This message was brought to you by "ARAN" aka "Association of Real Ass Niggas .